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Wills, trusts and powers of attorney grant people an enormous amount of power and responsibility. When that power is abused, the person should be removed from that position of authority and made to repay what has been taken.

Contact Contact The Law Office of Alice Beirne online online or call 973-380-0997 for a free consultation regarding your rights in probate matters in West Orange, New Jersey. As an abuse of fiduciary duty lawyer, I have more than 25 years of probate litigation experience. I am certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney.

Executors and Trustees Who Have Abused Their Power

Executors and trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of an estate. A fiduciary duty means that the estate or trust must be administered competently and in good faith. This duty can be breached by:

  • Embezzlement or self-dealing
  • Changing the named beneficiaries on non-probate property, such as life insurance
  • Failing to protect the value of estate property, such as neglecting to repair a house
  • Failure to properly account to the beneficiaries for all estate assets

If you suspect a trustee or an executor of mismanaging your loved one's property, you need an attorney to help you understand your options.

As an abuse of fiduciary duty lawyer, I will work to have the offending trustee or executor return any money or reimburse the estate for any loss that occurred due to his or her actions. My goal is to work amicably with the parties to come to a solution, but if need be, I will take your case to court and will aggressively pursue your interests.

Abuse of Fiduciary Duty With Powers of Attorney

Most often, a power of attorney grants a person the right to make financial decisions on another's behalf when that person becomes incapacitated. This can include financial matters such as writing checks to pay bills or transferring real estate.

When this power is abused, it can wreak havoc on a loved one's estate. If you believe that a person has abused his or her attorney power by mismanaging or stealing money, real estate or other assets of an estate, I will fight for your rights and work to restore the estate.

Have You Been Accused of Abusing Your Powers?

I also represent those who have been accused by beneficiaries of abusing their fiduciary duties. I will work to demonstrate that there was no foul play and try to settle the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to save you valuable time and money. If the case does go to court, I will use my decades of litigation experience to vigorously defend your interests.

Contact my office in West Orange, New Jersey. As an abuse of fiduciary duty attorney, I will explain your rights and custom-tailor a legal strategy to help you attain your goals.

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