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New Jersey Estate Litigation

New Jersey Estate Litigation

Why estate litigation?

When a person dies, the property he or she owned at the time of his or her death is called the estate. Distributing the estate to heirs or creditors is part of a process called estate administration. Often the estate administration process is straightforward and uneventful. However, sometimes conflicts arise among family members, heirs that were omitted, creditors, and others. Any challenge or contest made to the terms that establish the administration of an estate requires estate litigation.

Smoothing troubled waters during the estate administration process

As a New Jersey estate litigation attorney, I have honed my skills over the years. I possess the depth and breadth of experience critical to representing clients struggling with conflicts regarding the estate of a loved one. Whenever possible, it is my goal to find solutions that are accepted by all parties concerned. Litigation is costly in terms of both time and money, and I seek to avoid it if possible. However, if litigation becomes necessary, you can count on my law firm to provide the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for a compelling courtroom representation.

Let me guide you to successful resolutions

When a loved one dies, emotions run high. The stress that accompanies the death sometimes heightens underlying discord among family members. Whether you are defending or challenging the estate, the knowledgeable, calm, and trustworthy counsel of an experienced New Jersey wills attorney can guide you through the litigation process toward a successful resolution.

Estate litigation actions may include the following:

  • Challenges to the will
  • Challenges to the decedent's testamentary capacity
  • Charges that undue influence was exerted by the beneficiaries of the estate
  • Claims of the existence of other documents that contradict the terms of the will
  • Contests as to the person administering the estate
  • Spousal rights
  • Improprieties in the administration of the estate

Disputes call for prompt and orderly resolution

As a New Jersey probate lawyer, my job is to help you make the important decisions necessary to protect your interests and the interests of the estate. I take that commitment seriously and I keep you informed during every step of the estate litigation process.

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