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The implication that a deceased relative was influenced to change his or her will by another relative or close friend can cause rifts in a family. Whether you are a concerned relative who believes that someone persuaded your loved one to change his or her estate plan or you are the person being accused of undue influence, you need a lawyer to help you resolve the matter.

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I am certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney. I have more than 25 years of experience handling complex estate litigation and will contests. As an estate fraud attorney, I work with my clients to obtain a positive and amicable solution to their estate problems.

What Is Undue Influence in New Jersey?

You may suspect undue influence if:

  • The decedent had a lack of capacity to sign the will, such as mental illness, Alzheimer's disease or use of disabling medications.
  • The decedent had a physical infirmity that made him or her dependant on the suspect.
  • The decedent's new will was strange or unnatural, such as a will that left everything to a servant and not to the decedent's children.
  • The person you suspect of influencing the decedent set up the drafting of a new will.
  • The will was drafted in secret.

If you believe that a departed relative or friend was influenced to change his or her estate plan, I can help you. I have decades of experience handling estate litigation and will contests. I will work to restore the estate to the true intent of the decedent.

Have You Been Accused of Undue Influence?

If you have been accused of unduly influencing a person of questionable capacity, I will vigorously defend your interests. I will work to show that you distributed the estate or managed the trust competently and in good faith.

As a West Orange, New Jersey, undue influence attorney, I will negotiate with your accusers in order to save you time, money and the hassle of going to court. However, if the case does go to court, you can depend on me to give forceful and persuasive representation in court.

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