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New Jersey Workers Compensation

West Orange New Jersey Workers Compensation Lawyer

Helping Injured Workers Navigate the New Jersey Workers' Compensation System

As employees, we trust our employers to do the right thing when we get hurt at work. Unfortunately, many people suffer because they do not get the workers' compensation benefits or proper medical treatment they deserve.

At The Law Office of Alice Beirne, I have dedicated my career to helping injured workers throughout West Orange and surrounding areas of Northern New Jersey obtain the benefits to which they are entitled. With more than 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of the injured, I effectively advocate on behalf of my clients, both in and out of the courtroom.

If you have suffered a job injury, take the right steps to understand and protect your rights. Call 973-380-0997 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer.

Helping You Avoid the Pitfalls and Get the Workers' Compensation Benefits You Need

If you have been injured at work, the workers' compensation system entitles you to medical treatment, temporary wages while you receive medical treatment, and a permanency award once you have reached a point of maximum medical improvement. However, the path to getting the benefits to which you are entitled can be difficult.

It can be hard to concentrate on healing when the insurance company or your employer is standing in the way. The workers' compensation process can be complicated and full of pitfalls you want to avoid. As your attorney, rely on me to be your zealous advocate if you are involved in a workers' compensation dispute where:

  • Your employer claims that your injury was not work-related or did not occur on the job
  • You are not getting the proper or timely medical treatment for your injury
  • You are being pressured to return to work before you are physically ready, and your temporary benefits are at stake
  • You have been cleared to return to work on "light duty" but because your employer claims they have light duty work for you, you now face termination
  • You disagree that you have reached maximum medical improvement
  • You have reached maximum medical improvement but disagree with the final disability rating for the permanency award

Learn How My Experience Can Help You

I have successfully represented clients suffering from a range of workplace injuries, including back, knee, neck, arm and shoulder injury, as well as injuries related to lifting and repetitive motions.

In helping you pursue your workers' compensation claim, you will be charged no fees upfront. My fee will be awarded by the court out of any permanency award you receive. If I do not recover for you, you will not pay anything.

I invite you to call 973-380-0997 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your matter.

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